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Whether you hire or supply equipment/subcontractor trades, we’re here to help you build meaningful connections.


Compare equipment and subcontractor quotes from vendors near you in just a few steps

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Tell us what you need

Answer a few questions about your job to receive quotes

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Compare quotes

Receive quotes directly from trusted businesses near you

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Hire the right business

Connect with the right expert that best suits your needs


Get accurate quotes that you’ll never lose

Specify what, when and where you require services, and receive rates back from businesses into your Felix account. You no longer need to spend hours chasing loose emails or following up for prices, they’re automatically recorded for you.


Choose who you want to get quotes from

If you have preferred vendors you normally hire through, you can add them to your request for quotation to ensure you can record their quotes along with rates from the open market.


Stop the back-and-forth

Our request for quotation platform gives you the ability to specify mandatory inclusions and/or exclusions (such as materials) to your quotes, helping you get apples-for-apples quotes from businesses, every time.

Grow your business on Australia’s largest construction marketplace that’s trusted by leading commercial builders

List your business

Register for an account by defining your business capabilities and service area

Connect with clients

Find and engage with relevant civil and commercial contractors across Australia

Respond to quotes

Access all the quoting information you need from anywhere, anytime, on any device


Save time and money digging up leads

You can concentrate on closing the deal rather than waste resources trying to find them. Get leads from leading contractors and builders sent to you via email and sms.


Gain full control over your quotes

You have total control over which jobs you choose to quote on. Easily manage all your quotes in the one account plus liaise directly with builders to ensure you’re pricing up a winning bid.


Reduce your risk, and manage your compliance in one place

Keep a record of every quote you submit, and upload your compliance and insurance docs so that contractors and builders can easily engage your business.